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Medical Conditions

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Service Providers

Clinical Trials - Search the comprehensive database for ongoing clinical trials by keyword or browse by condition or sponsor. For more clinical trial resources try Center Watch.

Doctor Finder - Search the American Medical Association's database of physicians by name or specialty for any city in the United States.

Dentist Finder - Search the American Dental Association's database to find a dentist near you.

Hospital Finder - Search U.S. News to find the best hospitals by specialty and area in the United States.

Chiropractor Finder - Search BigBook's listings of Chiropractors for any city in the United States.

Eye Doctor Finder - Search the American Academy of Opthalmology for an opthalmologist anywhere in the United States.

Alternative - Search Health World Online to find certified health care professionals to provide alternative & complementary medicine and integrative health care, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, or naturopathic medicine.

ConditionsAnd Treatments

Drug Interaction Search - Search drkoop.com's comprehensive database indicating how medications you are taking interact with each other and even with certain foods. (The instructions may be a little difficult to understand. 1- typein the name of the drug, 2- select Search, 3- at the bottom of the table select Add to the List, 4- keep adding drugs until you have what you want, and 5- select Check Interactions at the bottom of the table.

DrugFinder - Search Rx List the internet drug index for information on your prescription medications.

Disease Search - Use the Center for Disease control search engine for finding most disease conditions. If you need even more, try the comprehensive, alphabetical directory of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Household Poisons Finder - Search alphabetical directory for finding most household hazardous materials and the damage they can cause. Contact a Poison Control Center for treatment. Have Ipecac available if you have small children so you can induce vomiting if instructed to do so by the Poison Control Center.

Mental Health Finder - Search the largest online catalog of mental health, psychology and psychiatry resources on the net.

Health Organizations

ALS Association

American Academy of Spine Physicians

American Anorexia Bulimia Association, Inc.

American Board of Internal Medicine

American Cancer Society

American Medical Association

Child Asthma Attacks

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Food And Drug Administration

Goals For America

Make A Wish Foundation

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations (NABCO)

National Marrow Donor Program

Red Cross

United Way

First Aid

Active First Aid Online

Health Links

A-to-Z Wellness

American Dog Trainers Network For Guide Dogs

Whole Body Vibration
Bodyvibeusa provides whole body vibration fitness device for overall toning and health benefits. Like Increases metabolism, increases bone density, strengthens muscles etc at economical prices.

Cancer Facts

Child Passenger Seat

EdRef - Comprehensive listing of schools, colleges, and universities.


HealthWorldNet - Comprehensive health and medicine news, information and resources for consumers and medical professionals.

Healthlink USA

How Stuff Works


InteliHealth News

Limbs For Life



New York Yoga Spa Wellness Guide

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Blindness Mississippi State Univ.

Rx2000 Health Information Clearinghouse

Safe Ride Helpline

Texas Children's Hospital

The Seeing Eye Foundation


Helpful Links

CDC Health Topics A to Z

Galaxy Medicine Cabinet

Health World


World Wide Medical Search

CDC Data And Statistics

CDC Information Sources

Measurements Converter


The following are links to the best health related search engines and directories on the net. Select a topic of interest and go directly to the source.


Children Search - For information about common health related issues, visit the KidSource web site.

Men's Health Search - Google.com provides numerous resources to keep men healthy.

Women's Health Search - Google.com provides numerous resources of information for women's health.

Pregnancy and Parenting Search - A complete source of over 2,500 links and resources for pregnant women and parents.

Senior Search - Great search engine for senior citizens looking for information on various ailments is found at SeniorSearch.


World Wide Medical Search - This is a sophisticated search engine that delivers any type of medical information on any medical topic.

Health World Search - Search this large database to find any health oriented subjects.

Health Finder - Search the Department of Health and Human Services using the keyword search or browse the alphabetized health topics.

Gym Locator - Locate any gym in the nation with this great search engine.

Search Links

Small Business News

Health Insurance Info

Healthy Pet archives

Pet Recipes

Animal Snacks

Adopt A Pet

Animal Adoption And Rescue Foundation

Animal Adoption Network

Fancy Cats Rescue Team

Greyhound Adoption

Healthy Pet Links

American Veterinarian Medical Association

Animal Help

Arthritis Resource Center For Pets

Breed Information

Breed Selector

Central Pets

Dr. Goodpet

Healthy Insurance For Pets

Home Safety For Your Pet

Pets And Human Relationships

Pets Need Dental Care Too

Selecting Safe Pets

Talk To The Vet

The Animal Medical Center

Virtual Vet

Wonder Puppy

Pond Lady Blog

Animal Rescue Links



In Defense Of Animals

The Greyhound Project, Inc.